Frustration and anger

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Frustration and anger

Post by Mike Cargoe on Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:25 pm

Frustration and anger

Frustration and anger are extremely simple things so long as we understand them. After the positivity reading, it opened a lot of doors for things to talk about than continue moving forward. I do apologize for the wait since it took me a while to figure out the order on how things.

So these two things were going to talk about two really easy things to understand, and they are you guessed it frustration and anger. Now who know what frustration and anger really are? Well we could look it up if we wanted to using Google it a dictionary or with some other means and in the end each path will arrive at the same thing. The definition (haha see what I did there? For people starting reading its okay Smile think of the tools that I just talked about as other peoples points of view, so they are all different but in the --->end<--- all the same.) Sorry about that bit off topic but still very important. So I'm the end we have this definition of these two things that we can read then talk about or exchange with someone else theres tons of out comes right? But since we touch on positivity earlier, what really are these two things now? Frustration, anger? Well they start looking really funny if you start to think about it since all frustration is, is when two things that don't understand each other both start trying to make each other understand themselves and spirals out of control which would then give birth to anger.

See if we really think about it frustration and anger are actually really simple and funny little things, and those things are just simple misunderstanding.

So through a simple misunderstanding frustration is created and through frustration we open the door for anger.

Simple right? Instead of going down that path and each one of us has been there and know what it has to offer and its really honestly not all that great right?.... So why do we stay positive about everything because there's always a very simple way to do everything and we just have to find it, since were staying positive we know at the point something will be created, were not sure what it is exactly but we know for a fact that it has to be positive were 100% on that because we were positive to whatever is created will be positive as well and no one and nothing is able to argue that in any way.

Soooooo.... Really what is frustration and anger? Honestly ? If you ask my opinion it was never there to begin with and we just got told it was... But in the end everything is up to you I'm just stating simple fact and the fact happens to be true


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