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Post by Mike Cargoe on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:32 pm

Hey everyone ime Mike.
I am the founder of The High Society, the only reason I have created this is because I found something so amazing and I wish you share it with you. I promise I will always give credit where credit it due and explain how I've come to realize everything that I have.
But first and foremost is the it to
I'm 25, moved around a lot and experienced thing not many people have which is okay because from it we learn.
And because of everything I've learn I see thing very different then others. Thus my own point of view is born and through positive outcomes something else is also created a new positive thing. The thing in this case was and idea, and all I've done is just bounced the idea off of people to see what would haopen. So verble communication.
After awhile I realized somthing. It just wasn't an idea I was spreading it was just simply fact and the fact happen to be true. So it not that I'm right or that I'm wrong it's just simply true.
And this is why I've decided to create The High Society for everyone who has come to realize the same thing and it's very simple. Any one and anything may come and go as they please with no string at all and are free to decide what ever they please. I do although encourage each of us to take a look at what there is to offer before a decide is made. Since there nothing to loose when you just looking and reading Smile

Please everyone enjoy and I look forward to greeting those who stop to say hello and even those who just want to simply look. But hey if somthing can make me feel this amazing and make some ones else feel amazing why wouldn't you want to say somthing and share it right?

Mike Cargoe
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