The High Society

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The High Society

Post by Mike Cargoe on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:14 pm

The High society
Represents a higher understand of everything. There are many different versions of this but ultimately it's all the same.
The high society is the keystone to this vast foundation made up of every and everything, in order to have a higher understanding.
The very fundamentals that create this are very simple and so simple that a lot of it has been long forgotten or misused and now it's time to go back to square one and rediscover everything all over again and use it in the most positive manner to benefit everyone and everything.

We must first understand to love our self all over again to see things and a new way. We once had this but just forgotten because we were focused on
Trying to find love that we became drunk off it and started doing things very differently.

Once we begin to understand our selves we see everything in a new way and want to make change in a positive manner for everything.
A few minor examples could be solar energy and hour we can use to to change everything we know. If a 150 square mile patch in the sahara desert filled with solar energy collectors could power everything on the the plant and we would never have to worry about an energy source we would be more inclined to discover new ways of thinking even further such as solar energy cars, transit systems, it creates a chance to be able to grow food any where in the world without shortage or have any worries. Remember the 150 square mile patch in the Sahara desert is but just a little blip compared to how big it really is. we could utilize it in So many different ways that would all be positive. We could even turn the desert in to an abundance of life instead of a barren land that's doing nothing but sitting there.

Not only would we be creating a new better cleaner and pure way of living we are also creating a better place for the planet earth to thrive in and grow just like we would be in a positive way.
At this point anything that seemed impossible suddenly become possible because this opens new doors of endless possibilities that would be a positive benefit to everything and active harmony we everything as we know it.

This is not just a dream but a reality we can create with a bit of help from everyone. So anything is possible so long as we break it down and have a better understanding of everything including ourselves because we are the most important key factor to achieve anything.
like when I touched on positive and not its time to take it a bit further and free our minds even further.

Let take being positiveness and positive energy and look at it like this: if we constantly fill ourselves up with positive energy one of two things are going to happen once we reach the critical mass of passive that we can handle, so its either going to explode and escape us or turn in word and implode. This would be your basic understanding of good and bad. But if you remember this is no good and there is no bad. So why don't we take option three since it hasn't been talked about or really tried before.

Option three consists of this : if we are always filling up with positive energy and we reach critical mass why don't we surpass the critical mass and expand even further and for example this of it as once we hit critical mass the positive energy needs to create a place where it can go so we can build up even more positive, so now we need to picture all this positive and think that as it reaches critical mass it expands around us almost like a second layer of skin and once we hit critical mass it expands even more. Eventually you create this bubble of positive around you and everyone you come in contact with gets affected by your positiveness.
Our very own positive starts to react with others in a positive way. And the cycle continues then becoming never ending. Now lets go even further now and look at it in a totally new way.

Since by now were filling up on all this positive doesn't mean we don't have to think, we just need to think of it in a new way. Since every choice we make is up to us, we need to stop thinking that things are just happening and look at it like okay here's my choice now which choice is going to help build up more positive and go from there and always keep building on the positive.

Its like making this beautiful amazing sandwich and just when you're going to put the top on it here comes this giant plop of poo and it sits on your sandwich. Are you going to eat that sandwich? Or do you want to move forward with all the positive and make another sandwich with no poo on it.

If by now you are interested in what I have to say please feel free to contact me with question concerns anything at all especially if you believe this way of thinking would be correct and wish to help in some form of way.

Your revolutionary philosopher
Michael Donald cargoe

Mike Cargoe
Revolutionary Philosopher
Revolutionary Philosopher

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