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Positive Thinking

Post by Mike Cargoe on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:01 pm

Let's take a minute to stop and expand our minds and bounce ideas off of each other in a positive way and watch what happens.
Things as I would call them because its a generic way of meaning everything all at once at the same time. So we have these things, and these thing are so very simple. So to try to understand these things we have over complicated the simplest of things.

We as a species have realized something amazing, this amazing thing, and this amazing thing is so simple that we all know it. Each and every one of you on the earth knows what it is and yet reading this you're sitting there going okay what kind of mind blowing thing is being talked about because it's apparently so simple? This amazing thing that we have acquired is the power of knowledge, and knowing is power.

This really shouldn't be very mind blowing because everyone knows it, but it is because its so simple that we have forgot how to use it properly. By now you're sitting there going okay well what does that mean? Well it means this : if knowledge is power then what does not take to obtain knowledge well it takes learning, and from learning we realize (things) in this case I'll use the human species, each one of us learn things differently, but in the end getting the same answer as someone else just taking a different path.

Okay so let's take a second to take that in because no doubt everyone is going well what do all this mean?
Well since humans learn things in a different way we create different points of view but ultimately reaching back to the same thing.
From different points of view endless possibilities are achievable but still looking at the same thing. So who's to say at that point what's good and what bad? And how do we go through this giant labyrinth of things? Honestly its so easy and simple, we have all just forgot and its time to wake up and step back and realize what's happening around us and break out of our self made bubbles. Because what we do affects things around us whether its friends family co-workers plants pets animals. Everything affects everything in a mutual way.

Say for example we always fill ourselves with positive and do things this would only affect the positive and make the positive grow and continue to grow in a positive way until it starts to affect things in a positive way then those things would start to change in a positive way.
So right now you're most likely sitting going that's amazing.
And its very true because if we always build on the positive we actually realize that there is no negative because negative it just a point of view that in the end is the same just in a different way.
Take dogs for example they all go back to the same thing just in a different way since they all came from wolves and over time and positive effects they have change in to all the dogs we have today. So if something to positive can create such a thing over time, you start to wonder the same things about a lot of other things. Take planets for example and completely random. Now say we find a planet much like ours but not quite the same way we could try to affect it in a positive way we might be able to create another earth, we don't know what would actually happen but what we do know what ever would happen would be amazing because there would be endless possibilities just on different scales
When you realize this you understand that the impossible because possible and the impossible was never really there in the first place and start to see things on a different scale.

Let's take a second and really scale it down on another level and ask well if people learn things differently then why are we only try to teach things with only one way when everyone learns everything differently we just haven't found a way to make everyone understand everything all at the same time

Things would be a lot different but it would be in a positive way so nothing is impossible. This so seemingly complex thing is so simple and the key to everything.
Stay positive everyone and anything is possible. Einstein was right everything is so simple we just over complicate things to understand them

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